Tips on Taking Care of Your Natural Fur Coat


Your natural fur coat needs much special care than any apparel in your wardrobe. You cannot afford to treat this prized possession of yours just like any other coat or jacket. By taking care of your fur coat you can ensure that it will keep you warm and stylish for many more winters to come.

Here we are providing some quick tips that help you keep your natural fur coat conditioned well.

Hanging the fur coat in the right manner – When you are hanging your natural fur coat make sure you do not hang or place it in a garment bag especially if the bag is made of plastic. Natural furs need space to breathe. Putting them in a bag robs them of their breathing right. Always use a broad-necked and sturdy padded hanger. This is important to keep your coat in shape. The padded hanger ensures that the shoulders do not lose their shape. And, the broad neck helps the collar stay away from the hanging rod. Also, make sure not to put too many clothes in the same place as your fur coat.

Take care while wearing the coat – Do not use a shoulder bag constantly while wearing a fur coat. The shoulder bag’s strap will wear away the fur leaving a bald spot on your fur coat. You should also consider wearing a scarf around your neck to protect your furry coat from being soiled due to makeup and body oils. If you do not take such care while wearing your coat, it will soon lose its sheen and beauty.

Save your coat from damage – Don’t leave your jewelry pinned in your fur coat or they can mat the fur. You should also take care that the coat doesn’t get scratched or tangled with any sharp thing. Any sharp object can damage your lovely fur coat. Although there are experts in fur coat repairs you should try to keep your coat safe so that you don’t need their help.

Save your coat from smells and odor – Never use hairsprays or perfumes while you are wearing your fur coat. Most of the perfumes, deodorants, and sprays have alcohol in their formula that can harm the natural fur. Further, the oils in these products may penetrate in the fur and turn rancid. You’ll not be able to take out this smell from your fur coat. The natural fur actively absorbs smells and odors and then it becomes almost impossible to treat that smell. So, keep it away from any such smells.

Carry your coat carefully – When you are going on a long journey, you should wear your fur coat instead of keeping it in your backpack or suitcase to be crushed. But, be sure not to sit for too long in the same position. You should either keep changing your posture or open your coat and use it as a blanket on your lap.

If you take care of your natural fur coat, it will serve you for a really long time.


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