Key advantages of using Bag on Valve technology for packaging


Bag on Valve (BoV) is a unique technology developed to provide a superior spray dispensing experience to consumers. But its advantages are not limited to this one factor alone. In fact, BoV packaging offers various benefits that are meant for consumers, manufacturers, and the environment as well. Mentioned below are the key advantages of using Bag on Valve technology for packaging.

Ensures product integrity

In this technology, the product remains completely separated from the propellant (nitrogen or air). This allows pure filling as well as dispensing of the product. As this packaging system uses Hermetic seals to seal the product within the bag, it ensures the total integrity of the product.

Enables up to 99% product evacuation

The BoV technology makes use of a laminated pouch fitted inside the aluminium can to keep products separated from propellants. Since the product remains inside a flexible bag, it becomes easy for the propellant to push it until almost the whole amount of the packaged product gets evacuated or dispensed. In other words, the BoV technology prevents product wastage and offers better value for the consumer’s money.

Extends shelf life of products

As BoV technology involves airless packaging of products, it prevents even oxygen to come in contact with the packaged product. So, the fragrances and colors of the product remain stable for an extended period of time without the need to use extra preservatives. The result is that the shelf life of the product increases.

Allows product to be dispensed evenly

Use of the BoV technology in packaging allows for even and controlled spraying of the product from all angles. One can even spray the product upside down. This ensures an optimal result for the consumer. The BoV technology also eliminates the need for pumping motion. Additionally, it helps to reduce the spraying noise and chilling effect.

Facilitates hygienic use

When a product is packaged using the BoV technology, the spray nozzle allows it to be dispensed from a distance. There is no need to touch the opening of the spray nozzle in order for the product to be applied. This makes for extremely hygienic use.

Compatible with packaging of viscous and liquid products

BoV packaging system is suitable for packaging of both viscous and liquid products. The only thing to note is that the viscosity of the product should be low enough to be able to pass through the package’s valve stem. It doesn’t matter whether the product is solvent or water-based. Both can be filled using this system.

Suitable for use with products of various industries

This is one packaging system that conforms to the demands and requirements of most pharmaceutical and food products. It can be used to dispense products of different forms and textures, including gels, liquids, and foam. Reputed companies like Signature Filling Company also allows packaging of products in different sizes. All these factors make it a great choice for the packaging requirements of various industries, such as cosmetics and beverages.


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