Create A Fashion Statement In Mens Leather Jacket

Mens Leather Jacket

Creating distinctive and individual design and style is what leather can do. Take a women’s leather jacket in a clever thigh length style, make certain it has a tailored fit and completely clean sharp lines, finally dress it with a lengthy pencil skirt and shirt and you have an impressive figure not to be messed with. Later that night slip into your distressed leather biker jacket, ripped jeans and get a little creative with your eye make-up and this same women is full of spirit and fun rebellion.

Women’s leather jackets have proved so timeless and flexible it is no wonder they have achieved iconic status and have been picked up by almost every celeb we know. Leather is chosen in the private lives of the stars to create their own style, think Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss.

Another favourite and striking source of women’s leather jacket fashion is the big screen, those larger than life characters the worlds greatest directors create for us. For example, think of the legendary Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill, whose leather jacket shone as brightly as Uma Thurman, who played the part. Think of Angelina Jolie in various action roles such as Tomb raider which gives us the sense of menacing reassurance, that the bad will not triumph in the end. I could go on and give a dozen more examples in print and in television but the point is, each of them plays a role in an individual style and with great success.

Women’s leather jackets are now more available than ever before, a decent one can be bought for under $150. There’s also a whole lot more to choose from than just 5 years ago. And the beauty of it is, you get to choose a whole lot of finishes too. You can choose from vintage, washed out, distressed, matt, glossy that can match any style and mood that you so desire.

Not long ago, only military and the rich can afford to have leather jackets, it is not something that is ubiquitous as you see it today. And as time goes on, people continue to see different possibilities and reinvent them for their own purposes as well as an added accessory for fashion.

We are often drawn to the magnet of the little brown leather jacket in the window of a shop, simply because of the distinction and authenticity only a leather jackets commands. One of the things that make leather jacket so capitivating is that hand made leather jacket is completely unique, no grain in the leather are purely alike, no 2 jackets look exactly the same. Each of the cut and linings are cut with a sharp tool and wielded by real expert craftsmen. Usually the process of manufacturing start from matching the overall grain and see how it is position to get the best effect, it is then matched with other factors such as texture, thickness and color. The parts are joined together to give you the durable finish and water-proofed for different weather conditions. No matter what leather jacket you’ll choose, you’ll be assure of a high quality, original product that is made just for you.

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