Choosing a Tasty Craft Beer at a Bar


With such a huge variety of beers available, anyone can get confused after visiting a bar. The brewers are pouring in all their creativity to make new varieties of craft beers. These varieties are, for sure, making the beer lovers crazy about beers more. But, at the same time, they are increasing confusion as what to choose and what not to choose.

Choosing the right beer has literally become an art that is mastered by a very few people. Here we are sharing some tips from the masters of the art of choosing beer in a bar. Read this so you don’t have to repent for choosing the one that was not meant for you.

Ask for the Drinks’ Menu – The first step towards choosing a beer in a bar or restaurant is to look at the drinks’ menu. By looking at the menu you get familiar with the name, price and in many cases taste too. So, you’ll have two filters i.e. the taste and the price, to help you sort out the drink you’ll like to order. If you are going on a pre-planned basis then you can also check the restro-bar’s website because many of them list there menu online. As for example, you can find a lot of information on the website of If you already know you can make a prior selection by searching online reviews for the particular type of drink.

Approach the right person for the suggestion if you need – Asking for someone else’s suggestion is not a bad thing if you know whom to approach. Never ask a waitress or a service staff to suggest what’s good. Leaving some exceptions behind, you’ll get a random name that comes to their mind, as the answer. It’s better to take the suggestion of the bartender if the menu didn’t clear your doubt. But, don’t just go and ask a straight question about choosing a beer for you. Tell the bartender about your taste preference or you may end up paying for an overly bitter beer. If you are lucky enough to meet a generous bartender you might get two or three beer for tasting before finalizing what you’ll buy.

Go with your gangGoing in a group is always better when you are going on a hunt to choose the beer that suits your taste bud. When you are in a group you all are going to get much more verities to taste and decide which one taste better. The best you and your gang can do is to order different varieties. If you didn’t like the drink you paid for, you can easily swap it with a friend who might like that taste. And, if no one in the group likes a particular beer you all get a name for which you should not pay in future.

This was how you can choose some beer names as your favorite. But, don’t limit yourself with some particular varieties. Beers and wines are all about exploring the limitless tastes. So, keep on experimenting and getting new favorites.

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