6 Amazing Ways To Restyle An Old Fur Coat


Do you have an inherited fur coat which no longer is in style? Have you purchased a set of fur garments only to regret when you got back home? You don’t have to worry. Instead of stepping out in something you’re not comfortable wearing, consider restyling these beautiful fur garments into something wearable. After all, they cost a fortune, didn’t they? Give your fur the makeover it deserves. Here are some chic ways to breathe a new life to your fur garments.


Shortening the hemline

If you feel that the length is a little too old-fashioned for your style, you can get the hemline shortened to give the garment a modern twist. There are many professional furriers who are experts in fur coat restyling. Getting them to do the work will give you peace of mind as they are professionals with years of experience in restyling all types of fur garments. They also have the expertise to handle all types of natural fur – be it mink, chinchilla, fox, beaver, sable, otter etc.


Get it altered to your size

If you have a fur vest or coat which is too big for you, you can get them altered. In this way, you can give the vest the shape you desire, whilst maintaining the same style. From figure hugging to comfortably loose, the choice is yours!


Crop them

Do you own a fur coat which has big bald spots? Sometimes it is difficult to find the exact match to fix a fur coat. Instead of fixing the spots, why not get it altered to a stylish crop top? After all crop tops are in vogue now.


Using the fur for lining

For those who love the comfort of fur, but find the whole look a little OTT, you can ask the furrier to use the fur of an old coat as the lining for one of your favorite jackets. The best way to balance both comfort and style!


Change the color and texture

Does the fabric of your fur parka look a little outdated? Experienced furriers can give your parkas, ponchos, vests, and coats a complete makeover. This restyling process called shearing wherein you can change the texture and color of any fur garment. The soft feathery touch of the fur fabric after the shearing process is a bonus!


Use them as elegant accessories

Again if you have a coat which has shed over the years, you can restyle them into some classy accessories. As real and quality fur is never going to go out of style, it can be restyled into stoles, scarves, hats, headbands, belts, bags – the list goes on. Oh yes, if you’re a fan of the 50s, you could use some fur from an old coat to create fur sleeves and collars just like Marilyn Monroe! You can also restyle them into capes, which is a huge trend in modern times. Pair them with matching boots and you’re good to go.

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