5 useful tips to clean fur clothing

clean fur clothing

Most people love to flaunt fur clothing. Fur clothing looks majestic and comes with a heavy price tag. After spending a fortune on your fur jacket or fur accessories – It is so important to maintain them. Fur clothing does not usually come with a manual on how to take care of it. Check out some below tips to clean your fur like a pro:

  • Handle wet fur clothing with extra care

It is important to clean your fur coat with extra care, when it gets drenched in rain or snow. If not handled instantly, fur coat may lose its shine to look dull or flat. Do not rub your fur coat with a towel to dab it dry. Instead, gently shake off the excess water. Hang it in a dry place and allow it to dry. You could possibly choose a safe outdoor area to hang it, if not simply hang it next to an open window. Let it stay there for a couple of days to dry completely.

  • Get away of stains and spots on your fur coat

Stains or spots on your fur coat can look dreadful. But fret not; some simple home remedies – can help you to easily remove stains on fur clothing, without a visit to furrier. Make a mixture of alcohol and water in equal proportions. Rub this mixture on stain using a clean white cloth. Be gentle while rubbing fur. Repeat it until stain is gone. Once the stain is completely gone – Hang it in an open area, to let the alcohol and water mixture evaporate.

  • Get rid of odour on your fur coat

Fur coats easily absorb odours and can smell like mildew, smoke, wood etc. However, it is pretty easy to get rid of fur odours at home. All you need is a vinyl garment bag and some fresh coffee beans. Fill a container with fresh coffee beans and place it at the bottom of vinyl garment bag. Hang in your fur coat inside this bag and zip it up. Let it stay for couple of days to spread the coffee aroma all over the fur coat. Should the coffee smell get strong? Hang your fur coat in open space for some time for the smell to dissipate.

  • Consult a furrier

Fur cleaning is challenging and extremely crucial to ensure longevity. If you have some real and expensive fur coats and if you do not have enough time to maintain them – You should definitely consider a visit to a professional fur cleaner or furrier. The best time to do this is summer season where your fur coats sit in wardrobe for a prolonged time. Furriers transform ill-looking, damaged and faded coats to brand new looking fur coat.

  • Condition your fur coats

Fur is after all real hair and hence, needs regular conditioning to retain its shine. All you need is a solution with – different types of oil like: olive oil, mink oil, flaxseed oil, neatsfoot oil and Vinegar or spirit vinegar. Mix any of the oil with vinegar in 2:1 ratio and use it to condition your fur coat.

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