Why you should choose stylish Ecooe Glass Teapot ?


We all need teapots for our house and offices. Most of the teapots are simple in design but durable in make. And those having delicate looks have delicate material as well. So such teapots are mostly not durable.Means in case you will select only style you have to compromise with the quality and some other features. World hasn’t been such style oriented in the past. But now we want style in everything we use. So the need of the time is to have something that is cool in style and durable in quality. Ecooe Glass Teapot got all the features you will be looking for in a stylish teapot.  A perfect style and high quality material.


Their are plenty of extraordinary features being introduced in this adorable teapot. Here are some of the main features you would like to have a look on.

  • Stovetop Heating is perfect for Tea brewing. Borosilicate glass is well-known for low rate of thermal expansion and high thermal resistance. It’s highly stovetop friendly teapot.
  • Its Ultra-dense filter keeps any residues from escaping to your tea. It’s made of stainless steel, that makes his filter durable .
  • It has capacity of 900ml that’s enough to provide roughly 2-3 mugs of water.
  • It’s made of quality temperature resistant material. Ecooe Glass Teapot can handle instant temperature change from -30 ℃ to 150℃. It allows you to fill boiling water into the frozen teapot instantly.
  • And the last thing that’s not only user friendly but also adds style into its design. Stylish and pleasant grip handle. It’s made wide and solid for a pleasant grip.

So now you got all reasons for using Ecooe glass teapot. For further information and to order the Ecooe glass teapot you can visit www.ecooe.com.


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