These Tips Will Help You Find The Best Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are a quick and easy solution for short hair, if you want to add length and volume to your own hair that may not solely grow fast, then hair extensions may help you. However, there are a large variety of extensions in different textures selling online, it is very important to know the different grade of hair, and find the extensions that perfectly fits your natural hair. Below I will share some useful tips for you to choose the best hair extensions online. Please remember these things when picking up those bundles.

First, be sure to choose 100% human remy hair. There are basically synthetic, non-virgin and virgin hair, extensions are usually made with these three types. The best hair extensions are made of 100% real human remy hair, next is non-virgin, the worst is synthetic. No matter which one you prefer, the best is absolutely remy hair extensions, which definitely has the longest service life and looks the most natural. When you decide on buying remy hair, you’d better choose a trusted company, because there are a lot of scamers who decive customers with non-virgin hair that mixes some animal furs. So, it is good to choose from a reputable source.

Second, choose the hair extensions method that perfectly matches your lifestyle. Hair extensions need a lot of maintenance, if you have a busy schedule everyday, then clip-in hair extensions will be a good choice, it is easy to apply and remove. With semi-permanent hair extensions such as clip-in, micro loop, tape in, etc., your currently hair will not be affected. When you are going to engage in any sports like skiing, it is better to put your hair into a braid so that will protect your extensions, and prevent tangling.

Third, hair texture. Hair extensions comes from several origins such as China, Brazil, India, Malaysia, etc. Each of them has various hair textures. Brazilian hair is more suitable for high density hair. If you did not choose hair extensions that match your own hair, then they will not look natural and blend with your natural hair.

Fourth, hair color. A perfect hair color will make your hair extensions perfectly blend with your own hair, which looks very natural. If you want to add some highlight in your hair, then #613 color will be a good try. The mostly used color is natural black.

Fifth, professional stylist. If you want your hair extensions to be applied seamlessly, then go to a salon and find a professional hair stylist to have it done for you. The application of hair extensions will not be taught in a cosmetology school, and it is more of a trade for you to learn independently. Be sure your certified stylist to be well educational so that your hair extensions application will be seamless and proper. If you have a wrong application, it will cause inconvenience to your daily life. If you are not sure which hair stylist to choose, we suggest you call the hair extensions brand you bought, so that they will recommend a certified stylist in your location.

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