The Tieless Shoelaces of the Future is here



Qlaces are the top no tie shoelaces maker that makes any shoes more comfortable, stylish, and make shoe tying very fast addition to any shoe one wears. Once the shoelaces are installed, the users can go in and out without touching their shoes even once. The high quality latex used to make the tieless shoelaces is flexible and durable allowing for greater grip and can bear more tension than other regular shoelaces. Qlaces comes in many different colors for its users to choose from and have a one-size-fits-all for both adults and kids.

Qlaces tieless shoelaces are perfect for everyone – sportspersons, runners, autistic children, seniors, people with disabilities, and even casual users. Everyone who has ever struggled with shoelaces coming loose and tying them up an endless number of times will significantly benefit from Qlaces. Because of their unique design, these tieless shoelaces eliminate the formation of knots and tangles shoelaces. Qlaces are guaranteed to satisfy everyone using them. Those who have used them once ought to never have gone back to traditional shoelaces again.

Most importantly, Qlaces offers a full warranty on their products, and their customer service executives are always ready to provide the best service possible to its customers. Simply swap traditional shoelaces with no tie shoelaces from Qlaces and turn them into easy pull-ons.


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