The best way to Make Your Eyelashes Longer

Make Your Eyelashes Longer

Eyelashes are a tiny area of our body that, when tinkered with, can improve our look. Media tells us that it is better to possess long and dark lashes rather than short and light ones. Several people are born with naturally long lashes so all they have to do is apply some mascara, curl them, and they’re off. Others, unfortunately, may not be so fortunate. Lucky for them, eyelash extensions were discovered.

By definition, eyelash extensions are strands of false lashes that are shaped to appear like natural eyelashes. People that want a lengthier and more defined look for their lashes often undergo this kind of procedure. Eyelash extensions are applied one lash at a time and glued roughly 1mm from the eyelid. They are created with either actual hair or with synthetic substances, and the adhesive is made to last for as long as a month. It should be noted that eyelash extensions are different from the knotted-together fake eyelashes that are used for a single affair only. As opposed to false eyelashes that can be applied by anyone, only experienced professionals can do eyelash extensions.

Because the lashes have to be put on one by one, the procedure for eyelash extensions typically last for up to one hour when administered by an accomplished professional. Considering this is an extremely laborious procedure, it may take trainees until about three hours to finish. The only problem is that with the advancement of modern technology, people who only learned to execute this technique online offer their services to the public. Not only are these people not qualified enough but their materials are also of cheap quality, so you know that this will not be an effective means of beautifying your lashes. It is therefore essential to select an eyelash technician that is truly qualified and experienced.

Eyelash extensions, if properly applied, can last with the natural growth pattern of your lashes. However, the amount of time it remains on your lashes depends upon how well you look after them. Right after getting an extension, make sure not to wet your eyes for at the very least half a day. Also refrain from visiting steam rooms or saunas for approximately 48 hours. You must never play or pull at your lashes, and if possible, don’t rub them as well. Do not try to curl your lashes using perms or clamp curlers. There is no need to put mascara but if you really desire to, use water-based ones and start applying at the center rather than at the root of your lashes. Finally, try to sleep on your side or back instead of face down so that your lashes would last longer.

Having eyelash extensions can be a wonder for many girls, mainly since their eyes become more defined even without any makeup. Ladies of any age may have them since it is a non-invasive method. However, having them also means taking more care of your eyes. You have to be careful enough to refrain from involuntary actions like eye rubbing or resting face down. But nobody minds doing these simple things if they are complimented on their new lashes, right?

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