The best skin whitening and body slimming patches by Chica Bonita


I hardly appreciate or recommend a product but some products cant be ignored all together. So the only chance of a product getting a recommendation on my blog is when I am completely impressed by the ingredients and effectiveness of the product. Chica Bonita skin whitening and slimming patches are the kind of products I cant let go without praising and recommending to my readers here.

These are actually two different products. The first one is for skin whitening and other other one is for body slimming. So now no need of any painful injections to your skin neither any kind of therapy is required. Just put the patch on your body (I will tell you how and where later in the article) and keep it there for sometime. Rather forget it if its there it won’t give you any itchy feeling at all. The patch will seep into your skin and will transfer its ingredients into your body layers.

So now checkout both the products a bit in detail and you will know why I am recommending these two products to you.

Skin whitening patch Chica Bonita Antioxidant Patch works by increasing your body’s Glutathione levels. Ingredients are plant-based extract, totally safe and effective. Each patch contains 300mg of Glutathione and 200mg of Vitamin C extracts absorbed by your skin to your bloodstream.

A woman on average spends at least $80 for a Vitamin C injection (intravenous and painful!) which lasts approximately 3 weeks after which you will need to make another appointment. Our transdermal patches has the same effects – minus the pain and doctor’s appointments.

Apart from skin whitening there are many other benefits of Chica Bonita Transdermal Gluta Patch. It works to lighten your skin tone, decrease asymptomatic rashes and skin irritation, speeds up your skin’s healing process, lighten and reduce dark spots and pigmentation, promotes clarity and rejuvenation.

Now question arise how to use it and when to use it. Here are the instructions for you. You can actually get them on your packaging back as well. And in case you have opted for the sample product (there is huge difference in prices of packed and unpacked sample product) you can save the instructions below for your future use.

There is no chance you can ignore this product. That’s an innovative product that will give you so many benefits in a very reasonable price.  When it comes to price they are actually having a big sale right now! Usual retail price USD150. NOW USD55 (for samples without box) and USD97 regular packaging. And if you wanna earn little more. You can refer your friends and get $10 cash reward while your friends get 5% off their purchase!

Still thinking? Don’t waste time and Order Now.

The other product we discussed in the start of the article is CHICA BONITA GUARANA SLIMMING PATCH. That’s a very effective product for body slimming. It helps to suppress massive appetite without hunger pangs, headaches and nausea. The natural plant extract from Guarana has also been used to increase physical energy, often used by athletes to improve their performance.

Their aim is not to encourage extreme dieting among customers rather, to help you curb unhealthy cravings and excessive food portions. By suppressing your appetite, you can incorporate regular exercise (They encourage HIIT!) AND remember to keep yourself hydrated (soda and caffeine doesn’t count).

So getting a slim body is not a tough ask now. Here are the instructions on how to and when to use this patch. Its very simple to use and will provide you the maximum results in less time.

As the sale is site wide so you will get this product on sale as well. Usual price USD85. NOW USD15 (for samples without box) and USD29 for regular packaging. And 10% referral reward is on this product as well. So its the best time to order. To get rid of your fat belly Order Now .

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