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I don’t know who wrote the book on fashion, but I can almost guarantee it was a woman. The fashion world has consistently been a female dominated industry, where guys hung on the outskirts trying to get in. Men’s fashion is a growing field and has huge potential, but is extremely limited in options. With all that being said, why is the messenger bag considered the murse (male purse) that is specifically for men and not suitable for women?

Countless fashion articles and blogs featuring messenger bags have been geared toward the fashionable man on the go. Each bag that is featured has a very masculine feel to it as to say, “to all the women out there, this isn’t for you.” I know what you’re thinking, women have everything else, can men just have this one thing? The answer is no! If you know anything about women, you know we like options and we can take a male piece and make it ours (e.g. boyfriend jeans, tuxedo pants and blazers, ties, etc.).

Italian designer, Maria Cardelli, has created the perfect messenger bag for women because let’s be honest, we’re busy too. Women need a reliable and stylish work bag that will hold our lipsticks, sunglasses, and everyday items, as well as our laptops, planners, etc. Now, there are brands that have unisex messenger bags, but Maria Cardelli presents a bag that is specifically tailored for women.

The Messenger Corallo, which is Italian for coral, brings a pop of color to the otherwise mundane everyday bag, with its warm tones and slight iridescent sheen. The Messenger Corallo is made from genuine Nubuck Italian leather, which gives the bag a suede type of feel. Each handbag has three spacious compartments (with the middle section having a zipper closure), and adjustable shoulder to wear it either cross body or on the shoulders.  Maria Cardelli also has a plain, soft, tumbled, leather Messenger Bag that can be bought in 8 different colors including black, cafe latte, indigo, and carrubo.  To invigorate the artistic side of life, Cardelli also has Canvas Messenger Bags, with her world renowned designs and artwork displayed on the bag.

With all of these options, it is safe to say that the messenger bags are no longer for men only. Women now have a plethora of choices to rock the messenger bag, which best fits their lifestyle and personality.  To find out more information about Maria Cardelli’s messenger bags and other leather and silk scarves please visit, http://mariacardellifashion.com/.

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