Soft & Comfortable Fur Fashion Slipper by Serisimple


Footwear is an essential part of our fashion. Actually it must be considered one of the most important part. As if footwear is not comfortable no matter what kind of outfit you are wearing you wont feel comfortable in it. Even if we talk about the footwear we use for rough use and to wear inside our home it must be comfortable and durable and should have some style in it as well. I emphasized on style as if we are wearing something stylish at home we don’t have to rush and change the footwear in case someone comes to visit us. Its hard to find all these qualities in a single slipper but luckily we did find a slipper by Serisimple having all these qualities plus many more.

These are Fluffy Furry Fashion Slipper by Serisimple, you can find them on amazon. Apart from fluffy with fur on them, these are very soft and comfortable. These are available in three colors black, pink and grey. So you got the choice of going for the color of your choice. These are stylish enough to make you keep them wearing even in front of your friends and guests.


The Slippers are made with fabric and fur. Fur used in making is top quality,very softy, you cannot stop feeling them. Heel is 1.25″ high that’s a perfect height to keep the comfort.

These are very comfortable and soft and you would love to wear them around your house. These are not easily breakable that give you the confidence to wear it with peace of mind.


Price is highly affordable $35.99 keeping in mind the kind of features they are providing. Comfort, durability, style, grace anything you can fantasies about your footwear is present in these slippers.

They are also offering free return on some sizes and colors . These slippers are packaged in the USA with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from the makers. Serisimple got expertise in shoes and socks products. These slippers are a perfect example of that. What are waiting for? Buy Fluffy Fur Slipper here.

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