Skin Care for Men

SkinCare for Men

When it comes to skin care most men stop at moisturizers, some don’t even use that. It is highly important for men to take care of their skin as well. They are in the outdoors more, drink more coffee and are subjected to higher levels of stress. Most men who have a sales oriented job are required to travel a lot and even though most travel by air, the changing air pressure has adverse effects on the skin.

Not taking care of the skin can result in various problems likes deep lines on the forehead, excessive dry skin that can lead to itchiness and premature ageing. Why do through all that when the cure is right around the corner? The skin care routine that men should follow is very simple and is in accordance with their nature of not fussing too much. The skin care routine should fit well into their schedule and they must put in a tab bit of extra effort to make sure that they follow the routine. There is no point in applying a cream today and forgetting it for another week. It is important o stick to skincare routine to see the desired results.

An apricot scrub that is widely available in any store should be a part and parcel of a man’s skin care routine. The apricot kernels when crushed forms a perfect exfoliator and scrubs away the settled dirt, grime as well as nicotine residue that gets left behind due to smoking. Face packs are available in both gel based formats as well as fruit based peel of masks. One should go in for the peel off masks as they help in firming the skin as well.

One should make sure that they apply sunscreen before stepping out of the house as the sun can several damage the skin and suck out all the moisture content. For those men with oily skin they should use bloating paper that helps in removing the excess oil secretion. It is important to wash the face three to four times in the course of the day. As men do not apply any makeup this can be easily by them. These best skin care tips will help men maintain their looks and personality in the long run. Gone are the days when men used to not care about appearance, now the metrosexual man wishes to be well-groomed and presentable.

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