Prominent LGBT Teen Advocate Caleb Laieski Had Done Admirable Anti-bullying Efforts


Bullied Teen Advocate Caleb Michael Laieski from Phoenix, Arizona recently had the opportunity to meet with President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden after lobbying over 200 Members of Congress and Staff.

Laieski began his anti-bullying efforts after being bullied and threatened in high school due to his sexual orientation. All he wanted for his birthday was to “feel safe and leave high school.” The struggle was not easy for this local teen, but when he rose above his experiences and decided to take his fight to Congress — at the age of sixteen — he was surprised when he received an invite to The White House.

After this teen met with over 200 Members of Congress and Staffers, he received a letter from The White House. Laieski had been invited to The White House to personally be thanked by President Barack Obama himself for all of his effort. After returning home from his trip, newly elected Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton joyfully decided to appointed this seventeen year old to his team. Laieski joined the City of Phoenix as the Youth and Diversity Liaison to Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. Laieski says that a normal day for him is “advocating for those that live in fear” and that “simply doing the right thing for our community.”

This Prominent LGBT Teen Advocate is currently attending college with a major in Law Enforcement and is looking forward to becoming a Police Officer and potentially a K-9 Police Detective for his community.

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