Moisturisers – Why and How to Use Them?


Do you think you can survive a day or two without water? Drinking plenty of water is necessary to keep your body hydrated and for your survival. What makes you think that your skin doesn’t need to be hydrated? Like how water keeps your body hydrated, moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated. Moisturizing your skin is not just for a day or two. Doing it on a regular basis keeps your skin hydrated and brings about great results that are sure to be visible in the longer run. Face moisturizers keep your skin elastic and soft and would help you look much younger and healthier.

Benefits of moisturizing your skin

Short-term benefits

Moisturizers help to heal dry and flaky skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy. The ingredients in the moisturizers like the emollients, humectants and occlusive heals dry and flaky skin, holds water in the skin cells and stops water loss due to wind or heat, respectively.

Long-term benefits

Continuous use of moisturizers keeps one’s skin properly hydrated and helps to improve its function. Skin cells can quickly repair themselves when damaged and has great benefits of anti-aging. The formation of wrinkles is much lesser among regular users of moisturizers.

Extremely refreshing

The simple reason to use moisturizers is that it’s extremely refreshing. No matter how tired you are, cleansing your skin and applying a moisturizer has a way of making you look and feel fresh.

Things to keep in mind while moisturizing your skin

It’s not enough that you just understand the benefits of using moisturizers, you should also know how and when to use it. There are different moisturizers for your face and body. While moisturizing your face, use one with a sunscreen and buy the best moisturizers available in the market.  Here are few things to remember while using moisturizers.

Different areas of your skin calls for different moisturizers

If you have a portion of your face dry and another oily you should apply two different moisturizers. Remember your moisturizer is not your eye cream. You’ll have to buy something that’s specific for your eyes to improve your skin around the eyes.

Moisturize your skin after bathing, shaving or exfoliating

For best results, it’s always best to moisturize your skin right after you wash your face and bathe. Dead skin cells are removed while exfoliating or shaving and it could also cause your skin to lose natural oils. Using a moisturizer is really important.

Address the specific needs of your skin and moisturize regularly at night

Don’t avoid using moisturizers because you have oily skin. Find one that’s suitable for you because it supplies vitamins and nutrients necessary for your skin.  Your body loses a lot of water at night so using moisturizers at night keeps your skin hydrated and will also help to heal your skin quickly.

Use upward strokes to apply moisturizers

Using downward strokes could cause your skin to sag and age quickly. Always use upward strokes to apply moisturizers.

Do not neglect your skin. Keep these things in mind to look and stay young in the years to come.

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