Kids In Showbiz : How To Book A Starring Role

Kids In Showbiz

How do you get your child or teen into Showbiz?

This is a critical piece of the journey and a time when knowledge is power. Should you have a child or teen embarking on the exciting journey of Acting in Hollywood, here’s what you need to know about going on auditions and beginning to book work. I have interviewed several parents, who have been doing this for some time now. I have even brought in a few young Actors to speak to other young Actors about their careers who offered fantastic advice to help you make this journey fun and successful.Plus, I have interviewed an Agent from the Bobby Ball Agency and a Manager from Stein Entertainment.

Several of the topics covered in the interviews include:

What to expect when Auditioning. A typical path. A Cinderella Story. Staying in class and keeping training your priority – even when your child begins working. Staying in class being the most important according to ALL of the people we interviewed. Every single Agent or Manager in the Film Industry agrees that ongoing training is critical.

Often times, an Actor or their family assume that once an Actor signs with Agents or Managers in L.A., that the fun begins. We hope that becomes the truth for everyone. You must know that once you begin to audition, the real work starts. Now you have fierce competition, and now is when you must be on top of your game. This is not the time to “rest on your laurels”, this is the time to stay sharp, to hone your craft in quality classes, and to bring your “A-Game” to each and every audition. This is also a time for Parents to continue to increase their knowledge of the business and to prepare their child with skills, knowledge, and a realistic approach to the work at hand.

Rarely, as stated by Manager, Joshua Finn from Stein Entertainment, does the Fairy Tale unfold. On occasion, a young Actor will experience immediate success and move up the ladder very quickly. The Cinderella Story, however, is very rare. More typically, a young Actor will go to about 40-50 auditions prior to each booking. Once they book a commercial or two, possibly more, then you might expect to book a short film or two or an Independent film. Then, hopefully book a feature film and within a few years, then a Co-Star or two, or three. Then, within the next year, it is realistic to expect to book a Guest Star role and/or a feature film or a web series or two. After 6 or 7 years, it is typical to expect to book a Series Regular or several recurring roles on Television shows.

This is all possible, and we encourage you to keep your child and teen in an Award-Winning class, much like offered at select acting workshops in Los Angeles that offer all levels for all ages in the Los Angeles area and you can call anytime for ongoing, on-camera classes and workshops with Casting Directors and Agent Showcases throughout the year.


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