Innovative Technology In Anti Aging Skincare

Anti Aging Skincare

Fetal Cells in Skincare:

Scientific research conducted by physicians and scientists in various laboratories around the world has proved that there are healing properties in fetal cells for restoring and slowing the aging process of the skin. Cell banks have been established to provide fetal cells from scrapings, so there is a nearly endless supply available for research and the development of skincare products.

Through years of research, physicians have discovered that fetal skin cells have the unique ability to heal wounds without scarring. Switzerland created a biotechnology process to extract the rich proteins responsible for scar-less wound healing from cultured fetal skin cells.

Note: The technology using fetal skin cells is still very controversial in the skincare industry.


The term nanotechnology refers to the ability to handle matter that is very small in scale–about the size of molecules or atoms. The new and innovative materials being developed with nanotechnology have a wide spectrum of applications; for instance, nanotechnology is utilized in medicine to produce energy, electronics, and bio materials. In essence, any technique or tool that is small enough can be referred to as nanotechnology. Having the control and the ability to change matter on the scale of nanometers permits scientists to build working systems that are remarkably light, strong, intelligent, and durable.

With the aid of nanotechnology, skincare products can better penetrate beneath the skin’s surface, allowing them to target specific areas. Skincare products that use nanotechnology to convert ingredients into nano sized elements improve the blood’s circulation and in the process reduce dark circles under the eyes by eliminating the waste products and oxidized particles that cause the dark circles in the first place. Nanotechnology can also be used for other pigmentation issues. Combining vitamin K with nanotechnology alleviates the appearance of unsightly spider veins. While vitamin K has been used to treat spider veins in the past, it can only sufficiently penetrate the skin for a good effect through the use of nanotechnology.

People that want the wrinkles and lines removed from their lips no longer have to undergo lip augmentation. Through nanotechnology, the fullness of the lips can be increased with lipstick containing plumper ingredients. Stretch marks, scars, and sagging skin can also be helped with nanotechnology.

The microscopic particles used in nano technological skincare treatments can penetrate the skin–absorption is quick. Skincare products, such as anti-aging creams and sunscreen, can now be manufactured as nano skincare products to increase their effectiveness. The primary benefit of using nano particles in sunscreens is that the particles can enter all the tiny pits and cracks of the skin, giving protection that is more evenly distributed on the skin’s surface. Sunscreen products that use nano particles are more cosmetically appealing because they seem to vanish into the skin when applied. This leads people to use them more frequently and consistently, contributing to the positive anti-aging effects attributed to the product. Sunscreens using macro-sized particles actually absorb ultraviolet light and can be toxic to human, whereas sunscreens containing nano particles prevent ultraviolet absorption. Products that use nanotechnology are considered natural products. The products do not simply coat the skin’s surface; they penetrate-an advancement that has been a long time coming.

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