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Lately, millennials have been attracted to and purchasers of fast jewelry and fashion. The popularity of stores like Forever 21, H&M, and the likes, have changed the landscape to feature more on trend fast fashion and jewelry.  The reasons why millennials are flocking to these stores are due to the affordable price tags attached to each item. Instead of investing in high-quality statement jewelry, they are settling for pieces that are cheaper, but not long lasting. Don’t get me wrong these stores are perfect for testing and trying a new trend without making a commitment and putting a lot of money into it. However, more millennials should start focusing on staple items that will upgrade the value and quality of their closets.

Oh My Christine is a line that offers high quality jewelry at affordable prices. The diamonds and precious stones that are featured in her online boutique are superior pieces that will upgrade any jewelry collection. Oh My Christine’s line is for the woman who prefers clean, simple, and feminine jewelry with a touch of modern flair. From her time in the fashion industry, and her years at FIDM, Oh My Christine’s founder and creator, Christine K., is inspired by love and happiness and she hopes that her pieces are accompanied with the most memorable moments in people’s lives.

Though all of Oh My Christine’s jewelry is truly exceptional, a piece that stands out and is geared towards millennial trending styles is the 18-karat Yellow Gold White Diamond Star Earrings.  These star shaped earrings are perfect for any young fashionista who is starting to purchase more upscale jewelry. This set will maintain its color and clarity over a long period of time, and comes with a screwed back to assure the earrings won’t easily fall off.  The Diamond Star Earrings are a classic set that has a modern touch and will be a perfect transitional piece for the up and coming jewelry aficionado.

Another unique transitional piece is Oh My Christine’s Rose Gold Tiny Zigzag French Hook Earrings. This contemporary piece of jewelry is not only modern in design, but modern in function. The hook makes the earrings hang stiff, instead of loose and dangle-y, which makes this the perfect accessory to pair with on trend fashion items.  Oh My Christine’s online pre-order option also offers the opportunity to design your own jewelry, to make sure every piece you purchase is specialized and unique.

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Contact Person: Destanye Baldwin
Phone: 310.734.6848

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