Feel strong and confident with Knots headwraps


If you are looking for some unique and inspirational ideas in headwrap or accessories you should checkout Knots. Knots is a headwrap and accessories company based in London. They want women from all over the world to wear our colorful African print headwraps. As they want you to

Be a ‘Queen with a crown’.

The owner Sunshyne Jones says ‘ I have always worn a headwrap ever since I was a child. My Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother always wore one so it was perfectly natural for me. I used to think they looked so regal and bold and I wanted to feel that way too. I wear my headwrap because it makes me feel strong and confident – like I’m ready to tackle the world.”

Are you intrigued? Come and be a part of a community of strong beautiful women who are unafraid to stand out!

Checkout the complete collection at  http://knots-uk.com/shop/

And you can also follow them for new designs and updates on Instagram page knots_uk

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