Conversation with ‘U slept on me’ brand owners


SBF Team: Who conceived the brand name ‘U slept on me’. Any reasons?
In 2016 we were sitting in LA as two educated, young black women with extensive backgrounds in fashion. Even with living in a major city ,we still could not get hired for jobs in our industry and it had become somewhat discouraging after applying to hundreds of jobs each week  and not hearing anything back and Erica said they are sleeping on us, U Slept On Me and Mealnie said that’s it, that’s a clothing brand! That was our conversation about how we felt about being  “Slept On” in the fashion industry and really feeling overlooked and undervalued,  and being considered the underdog. It inspired us to create an apparel brand that day…however we had to build it as a business first.

SBF Team : You like to follow the trends or want to create your own style?
USOM: I think that we do a little of both but we rely way more on our own style. I would say following trends is about 5% out of 100%.

SBF Team : Our readers would like to know more about your product range?
USOM: Our products range from anywhere from a pet bandana to a luxury yet comfortable dress. We also have an array of t-shirts and hoodies. Our best seller is our trademarked slogan dad hat.

SBF Team : What kind of response you have received so far? Your customers are liking your products?
USOM: We have had a great and amazing response so far! People love the story behind the brand and really love to represent the brand because they too can relate!

SBF Team : Your most loved product, as per your reviews?
USOM: Our most loved product is our dad hats and hoodies they love the phrase and the style!

SBF Team : Can you describe your brand in one line?
We took the underdog and crafted into an effortless style and relatable message. and crafted into an effortless style an

SBF Team : What’s up next? We will see more variety soon?
USOM: Right now we are focused on bringing quality product twice a month with our bi -monthly mini collection drops. We are also planning a pop up in Baltimore, MD when the pandemic is over. The pandemic has put a detour on our plans but we still remain focused. One of our major plans is to expand into a dual brand offering luxe ready to wear; another, continuing on our mission of spreading awareness of mental health illness and treatment through strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations such as NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) and uplifting a community of people feeling underrated, overlooked, counted out and Slept On. We also are planning a big project to help Baltimore bring more jobs and diversity in the fashion, tech, and manufacturing side of business. Yes you will see more variety from us very soon!

SBF Teamm: Where do you share your latest product updates?
USOM: Where share our latest product updates on our website and secondly on and lastly 

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