Choosing The Best Color for Prom Dresses 2018


The main thing that matters in your prom dress selection is always the color. With the prom season 2018 getting near every other girl is in search of the best prom dresses for her. Although trends have been set for prom dresses 2018 but still selection is going to made by you. Do you know that choosing the right color prom dress for your skin tone is as important as choosing the right latest style for your body? You may have love with a certain silhouette but the wrong color can ruin your whole look! So when you are on your prom outfit hunt, here are a few things to keep in mind for choosing right dress color according to your skin tone.

If you have a fair complexion, then you have multiple options in color selection for your prom dress. Almost all colors suit fair white skin tone so you can go for any color of your choice or the one that you think suits you more than others. On my recommendation you can go with any shade of blue or brighter shades in red or pink. In case you are more fan of soft colors then and have a plan of wearing soft color dress on your prom night, then you can pick from light pink, peach, light purple or mint green. But in no case go with brown or grey, won’t match your complexion and will ruin your prom night.

For wheatish complexion choose those colors that will bring out some kind of glow and warmth in your complexion. My recommendation would be to go with vibrant shades of hot pink and red, saffron yellow or tangy orange. The medium shades, like beige, toasted almond, grey, etc., should be avoided as they have tendency to mix with your skin tone, which is quite unattractive.

For dusky dim complexion colors like classic blue, masala, burnt orange and brick red are just faultless perfect for you. The metallic silver, gold and bronze will also flatter your face pretty well. Neon and other such bright shades are something that you must avoid for your prom dress. Your fashion sense is required in the selection of best dress for yourself.

If you have darker skin tone and you love lively colors like neon, hot pink. You can wear neon pink but keep the shirt top neck part a different color as it is closest to your face. Apply the above guide to items that are closest to your face, and play around with colors on the rest of the outfit.

Most important the color of your dress is going to be the color of your makeup. Even if your dress style not suits you well, its color will definitely bring brightness and warmth to your personality.

So following these color hacks you can choose a perfect color for your prom dress season 2018. And can make your prom night an even to remember.

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