Blvck Jagger, an inspiring music artist

blvck jagger

Malcolm Harvest also known as Blvck Jagger is our guest today in interview section. Music video of Welcome To L.A. is his latest release.

SBF Team: Any specific reason behind your artist name “Blvck Jagger”
Blvck Jagger:
Yeah it’s a derivative of my great great grandfather’s Indian name “Black Dagger”. So I flipped it and gave it some Rock spirit and some swag.

SBF Team: Are you inspired of anyone in the music industry?
Blvck Jagger:
I’m inspired by a lot of people and things. Creativity is inspiring in any form. I really love Maleek Berry’s music right now. But My favorite song out now is called “Osan” by Fiokee x Teni x DJ Coublon. It’s fire ?.

SBF Team: Tell me about the single “Welcome to L.A.”. What’s it about? What was the process for writing and producing it? Is the track sequencing significant? Any features?
Blvck Jagger:
Well it started with an Idea I had i wanted to do a record that felt like a feature with John Mayer on the guitar. So I called my buddy Zach Fenske who is a genius guitarist, songwriter and producer. We worked at one of my favorite studios in the Valley “Last Ever” I wrote the song originally to just the guitar. It was supposed to originally be an acoustic release so I still have that version I’ll release at some point. From there I linked in some producers I trusted to give a feel that was like a souvenir almost for the city of Los Angeles like the actual theme song. On a perfect day, free of care in the sun that’s what it sounds like. My boys Don City and Erik “Blu2th” Griggs and Tony Harvey and Garryl Bohanon. Great record start to finish. The Label approved and it’s doing great I’m excited for the push this summer. Lots of content.

SBF Team: How was the response? You are happy with the kind of response you are receiving
Blvck Jagger:
I’m extremely happy, I love that people love the music and the visuals. Just gotta keep creating.

SBF Team: What are you most proud of to date? And, what keeps you making music?
Blvck Jagger: I’m proud of every part every moment I’m blessed to do what I love to do, I don’t take it for granted. The thing that keeps me making music is I’m just a seeker so I’m always finding more and more knowledge and wisdom that i want to turn into music. I’m not sure I’ll ever stop writing songs.

SBF Team: What is the one thing that would make your contemporaries nervous?
Blvck Jagger:
I’m secure in my identity. I’m not here to compete, but i am here to help raise and keep a standard. I’m here to carry out a mission I can’t do it alone. But from me, Y’all gonna get this music, art, film and the vision.

SBF Team: Who are your fans? Who is most vocal online?
Blvck Jagger:
My fans are people who like to have a great time, dance, rock out, stand on tables, make out in the street. People who love adventure. It’s mostly female which isn’t a problem but I have fans from every walk of life above all it’s about love and the music.

SBF Team: Any piece of advice for the ones who want to join this music industry?
Blvck Jagger:
Love your music like you love yourself.

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