Best Ways of Taking Care of your Mink Coats and Jackets


Come spring and you may want to store your expensive mink coat or jacket with a professional furrier of your choice and for many good reasons. This is because apart from taking better care of your prized possession, these expert fur handlers will go through the correct processes of conditioning, cleaning and polishing your furs, regardless of whether they have been worn or not. The act will help in elongating the life span of your furs and assure the restoration of their original good looks in more ways than one.

It’s also true that by choosing to keep your mink jackets and coats at home, you will be reducing their life. As per experts in the field of restoring, redesigning and maintaining fur products, both cedar and normal closers are unsuitable for fur storage purposes unless they have proper air circulation modes in place. Additionally, constant 50% humidity and 50oF temperature levels have to be maintained to ensure the locking in of valuable moisture.

Say, if you decide to store your mink jacket at home with the help of traditional means, you may end up with fur smelling of moth balls and cedar that would obviously give off unpleasant odor. Generally speaking, these smells are retained by mink, fox and all other kinds of fur and they require professional treatment for their elimination. This is where the need for proper cleansing and conditioning comes into play as the undertaken processes go a long way in removing most odors.

At times, when it becomes necessary to keep your mink jacket or coat at home, it is a good idea to allow proper space to the same in your closet.  It is strongly recommended that you avoid plastic bags or packets for storing your real furs as they do not allow the fabric to breathe naturally, thereby cutting off the much -needed circulation. It is advisable to store your coat in a cloth bag while transporting it from one place to other, even while ferrying it to professional furriers or designers.

It is a bad idea to sit for an elongated period of time on your real fur garments as you will end up crushing the hair and causing irreversible damages in some cases. Also, you need to avoid the use of shoulder straps when you choose to don your jacket as it may lead to pre-mature wear and tear. In case your jacket gets wet, ensure that you shake off the moisture as far as possible and allow it to dry naturally. Do not use heat for this purpose as it will dry out the fur beyond repair, thus making it hard to touch. In case you end up soaking your mink coat then do not delay in going to a fur specialist as it will require special attention at the earliest.

Lastly, ensure annual care that includes professional handling of the cleaning, conditioning and polishing processes by a reputed furrier. This way, you can keep replenishing the natural essential oils that impart the softness to your fur. These tips will help you take good care of your mink jacket and coats – just go for them.

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